I hour Session

Sessions to help you through or over sudden roadblocks and human obstacles. This is a conversation for transformation of your mood and perspective. We have those hard days of doubt and sometimes need to be reminded of our power!

Intentions Program

Weekly sessions designed to help you take charge and change your life. We work on the top 3 goals you wish to achieve within this year. Each month is designed to get clear on what limits you from your past so you can manifest a desired future!

Yoga Classes

Taking control of our life starts with a practice. The practice of yoga allows us to strengthen our will power. The stronger our will power the better our choices and consequences in life. We offer weekly studio classes and private sessions.

1 hour Session

Many times we find ourselves stressing about a meeting, an event, a conversation or even making it on time somewhere. Later we find out we stressed for no reason. Yet this stress may have caused us to be inefficient, ineffective, or off the mark. Our 1 hour sessions are designed to transform your perspective so that you can make the most out of what is in front of you. We can be our own worst enemy or obstacle to getting what we want. Instead of going into a meeting from a place of worry, doubt or fear you will go in confident, present and clear.

Intentions Program

This is a 90 day program designed to take you through the everyday ups and downs of your current life. The 1st month is designed to expose the illusions of the world that creates your doubt and solidifies your fears. The 2nd month is about empowering your being by transforming fears and doubts into powerful lessons. Your 3rd month is about results of being powerful. We go over the progress being made toward your goals and how to continue being empowered in the face of future disempowering moments.

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