90 Day Coaching

Weekly sessions designed to help you take charge and change your life. We work on the top 3 goals you wish to achieve within this year. Each month is designed to get clear on what limits you from your past so you can manifest a desired future!

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1 hr Coaching

Sessions to help you through or over sudden roadblocks and human obstacles. This is a conversation for transformation of your mood and perspective. We have those hard days of doubt and sometimes need to be reminded of our power!

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Yoga Classes

Taking control of our life starts with a practice. The practice of yoga allows us to strengthen our will power. The stronger our will power the better our choices and consequences in life. We offer weekly studio classes and private sessions.

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The Approach

When we can remove our assumptions, emotions, past and the future we are only left with, what is right now. Approaching life from the perspective of what is can remove the obstacles to making the best decision for our selves. There are no right or wrong decisions, there are ones you understand and ones you don’t. This is not a program where you are told what to do, but how to find the answer within you. The clearer your are the easier it is to go for what you want!

10 years ago I developed my 90 day weekly serious that’s designed to take your life back. Getting clear is not some magic pill or special phrase, it’s weekly review of your life spanning 3 months broken into 3 categories. Exposing the Illusion, Being in the World and Results of your Being has taken clients from single to married, increased salaries and jump started entertainment careers.

There are also hourly sessions designed for follow up once the 90 days are over and as a boos to get you through a critical moment.